We are a full-service production company and offer a large scope of services.

Simba is a one-stop facility that can handle your video production needs from start to finish, and anywhere in between.

Conceptual and Pre-Production

Our team is at the ready to research, outline or develop and write scripts to give you choices on where to take your project. From these starting points, we are prepared to begin location scouting, casting actors or voice over professionals, art direction, hair and makeup concepts, and offer choices on shooting formats. We handle the heavy lifting while giving you the maximum amount of options for you to choose from.


We offer a variety of camera and lighting options, shooting on everything from DSLR cameras (Canon 5D, 7D) to cinema cameras (Red, Arri Alexa, Black Magic). We can provide studio space, build sets, or set up in the location of your choosing. Our directors and photographers can make even the most apprehensive subject comfortable in front of the camera! From the quickest interview to multiday shoots in various locations, we have and can do it all.


Our tireless post-production professionals work hard to refine and shape your vision. From the time we bring your footage into our post-production suite, through the editing process and onto the final touches, your editor will be well-versed and immersed in your project. You are always welcome to come and sit in on editing sessions, and your feedback throughout the process is considered invaluable. Our team can handle all manner of post-production needs: From editing through color correction; DVD authoring and duplication; to preparation for broadcast or web.


Our seniority speaks not only to the expertise and professionalism of the service we provide, but also to our stability as a long-term business partner. When you need your next video project done to the same exacting standards as the previous one, you can trust that Simba Productions will meet and exceed your expectations in quality and efficiency.

We are experienced. We easily adapt. We strive for new heights. We are ready and willing.


Post Production

Types of Video

Additional Services