The love of family and a passion for baseball, set against the enduring magic of the 1960’s, will be the attractive mix of Extra Innings, a heartwarming coming of age story about a young man caught between pursuit of his dream and devotion to his family and religion. Extra Innings is an homage to baseball movies in the vein of The Sandlot combined with the emotional edge and tragedy of Dead Poet’s SocietyExtra Innings was written, and is being produced and directed by Albert Dabah based on his own personal story. Extra Innings is currently in the principle photography stage of production. Please visit the official website of Extra Innings for more information.

In this pivotal scene from Extra Innings, we follow our young protagonist David as he celebrates with his coach and colleagues and at a bar. Emotionally charged, the scene features many new "firsts" for David, including his first dance.

In this critical scene from Extra Innings we take a look into Vivian and David's relationship. The scene also hints at Vivian's unstable personality and foreshadows possible consequences of the family's tight religious clasp. Subtle and elegant, the performances pulls us into Vivian and David's wonderfully fun sibling relationship.

This scene from Extra Innings peeks into an intimate dinner with the Sabah Family as they discuss both David's future and his love for baseball. The emotionally impactful scene highlights some key issues within the family, and their reluctance to talk about the death of David's oldest sibling.