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Globe-Trotting Simba Productions

Posted: August 19, 2014


Simba Productions is not just a New York Production Company. Collaborating with companies in and outside the United States, such as the law firm Proskauer, who have locations in NY, LA, and Boston, French global technology company, Criteo, with offices in NY, Boston, and Palo Alto, and Swiss company Nobel Biocare in Connecticut, we have traveled far and beyond the streets of NYC to film for their video projects. Not to mention, our work with U.S. Senators in Washington D.C.

Most recently, we worked with the Universite Tunis Carthage in Tunisia. They have a great summer program in which they send their students to U.S. universities. Following two students, one who attends Bentley University in Boston and another who attends Columbia University in NYC, Simba created videos for that will be used to promote their summer scholarship program while also encouraging more students to attend the Universite Tunis Carthage. 


We have also filmed outside of the U.S. in places such as Ecuador where shot for the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. So whether you are a company, school, or even a music artist local or abroad, Simba Productions can help to make to best video for you.

O’Connor and Rist Primed for Greatness

Posted: June 12, 2014

2014-04-14 10.24.13


In just one month, singer/songwriter Meredith O’Conner has garnered nearly half a million YouTube hits on the video for her new single “Just the Thing”. A proud activist for the rapidly growing anti-bullying campaign, Meredith preaches the importance of being yourself and living a healthy, judgment-free lifestyle.  Meredith’s 400,000+ hits are a testament to Simba’s ability to bring its clients’ ideas to fruition.  Simba Productions produced and edited “Just the Thing,” and works with a multitude of artists across different genres to help carry out their artistic goals.


2014-04-14 14.31.32


In other Simba news, Connecticut entrepreneur Ryan Rist has revolutionized a simple product: the coaster.  In collaboration with Ryan, Simba Productions made a video that helped him fundraise more than 4 times his original Kickstarter goal.  Having been featured on Fox News,, and others, Rist Custom Coasters is a company that is primed to flourish in the coaster market.

The Bonnie Youth Club

Posted: May 29, 2014


Simba Productions is so excited to help the Bonnie Youth Club, also known as the Bonnies, in their journey to create a documentary based on their thirty-five years of being one of the finest sandlot baseball organizations in New York. This documentary will showcase their rich history while also focusing on todays players and how the club develops youth into outstanding adults.


Most of the student athletes in the Bonnies joined when they were just five years-old, and have stayed until the age of eighteen. Some have even stayed longer joining the club’s open league for players over eighteen. It is a type of organization where the youth make life-long friends. Meeting as fresh-faced baseball players, the kids train and travel together as a team, forming relationships that will last long after they leave the Bonnies. Many former players have returned to coach at the club. The Bonnies had such an impact on them as youths that they wanted to give back and offer other kids the life-changing experience they had.


There is a big emphasis on education in the Bonnie Youth Club as the student athletes are taught that school is first and baseball comes second. While the Bonnies enhance baseball skills, their educational program guides the youths so that they may find the best high schools and colleges for them.


The Bonnie Youth Club is not just a sandlot baseball organization, but a vehicle to future success, whether the youths play baseball or not. It means so much to the coaches and players, as well as the people behind the scenes that keep it organized and running. It also means so much to the parents of the players because it gives their child(ren) the opportunity to grow not just as a baseball player, but also as a person.


Go Bonnies!

New Music Video from Simba Productions!

Posted: May 14, 2014


Singer/songwriter, actress, and inspirational speaker Meredith O’Connor teamed up with Simba Productions to create a music video for her new song, “Just the Thing.” Known for her anti-bullying platform, Meredith came to us with a well-known concept of not fitting in, which everyone can relate to.

meredith 2

Filmed at Clarkstown Senior High School North in Rockland County, New York, Meredith’s story follows a boy and girl traveling through the school halls as they encounter bullies, ultimately learning to be themselves despite “not fitting in with the in crowd.”

2014-04-14 14.31.27

Featuring Luke Bilyk from the television show Degrassi, “Just the Thing” has almost 20,000 views on YouTube in just 4 days. The video is on it’s way to becoming one of Simba’s most popular. Go to YouTube to watch this fun and meaningful video. Give a thumbs up to show your support and feel free to give a positive comment!


meredith 3

3 Essential Must Have Camera Accessories

Posted: March 12, 2014

1. Batteries and Storage

I know that these are essentially two different accessories but they are the two accessories you don’t want to be stuck without. Running out of these two is like running out of gas in a car, you have no where to turn. Always have extra batteries and memory cards for storage (or DV tapes if that is what you are into).

2. Camera Monitor

If you plan on taking this profession seriously, one vital accessory in any videographer’s camera bag is a quality monitor. There are a variety of cameras out there, all of which have some form of screen to view your picture with. But most times these LCD’s are not quite good enough to get the job done. The main reason for this of course is size. Most onboard monitors offer only about 2 to 3 inches worth of screen estate, which can affect the quality of your picture by making you adjust the settings incorrectly i.e the white balance. A bigger monitor allows you to see more detail in what you are about to shoot enabling you to get a better shot. As the good videographer that you are, you want the best possible picture you can get.

3. Tripod

Third on this list is a tripod. Now, I’m going to come at this from another angle because as a videographer, having a tripod is a must have. Some amateur filmmakers think they can settle using cheap knock offs, but I couldn’t disagree more. There are a number of reasons why you should use a tripod, the most important one being quality. Here are three things you want to look for when buying a tripod:
1. A quality tripod head is the single most important part of your tripod. A good starting point is getting yourself a decent fluid head. They offer smooth, steady motion, and depending on sophistication can be quite affordable.
2. Maximum Load Capacity is something you want to definitely take into account. This of course depends on what is getting mounted on to the camera. So make sure you weigh your camera with your heaviest accessories attached and then make your purchase.
3. Build Quality (material, leg locks) is also important and is what most times makes the difference in price. Tripods typically come in magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber with this last one being the lightest in weight. But don’t just buy the lightest tripod because it is the easiest to carry around. The strength of it is more essential. These three different materials vary in strength, especially when it comes to the legs, so make sure to find the best tripod for you and your camera at the right price.

Presidents Day

Posted: February 20, 2014

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to complete a wonderful project with Moseley Road Inc., and Hinkler Books: “Path to the Presidency.” The video featured every president, a short history of their rise, and a quote that expressed their philosophy and how they felt about this special honor.

To commemorate our past and current leaders for this year’s President’s day, we have assembled several versions of that project in a shorter form. You can view them here:




We would like to once again thank Moseley Road Inc. and Hinkler Books for the opportunity to work on a project that not only gave us material that is truly fascinating, but one that helped us to better understand who our founding fathers were and the incredibly high standards that we should hold every future leader to.

Happy New Year!!! Simba 2013 in Review

Posted: January 15, 2014

2013 for Simba Productions was busy and exciting! It was one heck of a ride and we are looking forward to 2014 being even better.

Over the past year, we have produced a plethora of videos. We shot from here in our studio in the heart of NYC to the tropics down in Ecuador.

Take a gander at what Simba was up to in 2013!

Local 802 invited Simba back for 2 more sessions of filming local musicians.

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1546107_631966396863252_1442481617_n 1525327_631966300196595_450416083_n

We also produced a number of music videos. Josh Lewis brought us his song, Tomorrow, a benefit song for the Josh Lewis Animal Cancer Foundation (JLACF).


Nigerian up and comer Lil Kem stopped by and had us all humming his song, Juju, while we were on location in NYC filming and back in the studio during the edit.


José Polo blew us away with his song, Huracán. it was shot on the golden shores of Oyster Bay, Long Island. Check out the amazing footage.


We also had Cyrus Von Hochstetter in the studio. After filming an orchestral session, Cyrus and one of our editors worked to fine tune his video.


We put Armorz screen protectors to the test and show you how tough they really are.


Thinklogical had us come to film their production facility and demonstrated some of their cutting edge fiber optic technology, which is in use by the United States Military and Hollywood production houses.


Thinking about seeing the beauty of South America? Lan Airlines hosted a contest to win free roundtrip flights to Chile and Simba was on hand to cover the event.


Be Magnifico! Magnifico Giornata offers infused wines that are low in calories. Simba helped to produced a collection of videos about the company and the wine of course.


Speaking of calories, thinking about eating healthier? Check out this video we produced for Layne Lieberman and her book Beyond the Mediterranean Diet.


The Simba team went above and beyond on a project about the Presidents of the United States. You can see their wonderful 3D image work from the project here.


The team also filmed CFO researcher Matt Surka, as he sat down with Jonathan Rochelle from Google, to discuss the benefits of cloud computing.


Albert, the owner of Simba Productions, went out and filmed an Out of the Darkness Community Walk to help support Suicide awareness. you can learn more about the organization by visiting their website at


The Simba team also got to help bring Albert’s vision to light by shooting 3 scenes from his movie Extra Innings. you can check out The scenes here


Here is to another great year from Simba Productions!!



Working with Moseley Road and Hinkler Books

Posted: December 18, 2013

Simba Productions has been working with Moseley Road Inc. on some fantastic projects. The company, based out of Westchester, NY, produces specialized non-fiction books, calendars, and stationery for all different subject matters.

We produced a number of instructional health videos for them, in collaboration with Hinkler Books, an internationally renowned publisher based out of Australia. The DVDs incorporated different workout routines from around the world, including yoga, tai-chi, and pilates.

We are excited to announce two of our most recent projects- a workout sequence based on the intensive training regimen of the Navy SEALs and a history of the Presidents of the United States!

“Paths to the Presidency,”

This documentary highlights the history of all the Presidents of the United States and the struggles they encountered during the rise to the Oval Office.

“Anatomy of Elite Fitness: Navy SEALs Workout”

This workout video encompasses exercises that will push even the most savvy fitness practitioners to their limits. Working in tandem with the Steve Earl’s book, the video offers a dynamic view of all the exercises with accompanying motion graphics.

We would like to thank Moseley Road Inc. and Hinkler Books for their continued support, and we look forward to more exciting projects to come!


An International Affair!

Posted: November 21, 2013

Simba Productions would like to congratulate Criteo on their exciting new milestone! On Oct. 30th, 2013, the global technology company officially went public.

To capture the momentous occasion, Criteo reached out to Simba Productions to film the celebrations and to record interviews with Criteo personnel. Of course, going public for a company like Criteo could not be a local affair- it would be international! From New York to Japan, Criteo’s reach was worldwide!

Simba set out to simultaneously coordinate and cover the celebrations for three different Criteo offices throughout the United States. We at Simba weren’t going to let three thousand miles stop us! We were ready. We had cameras, lights, and microphones up and running in Boston, Palo Alto, and New York City.

Energy within the offices was palpable, to say the least. When founders Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Franck le Ouay, and Romain Niccoli got on stage to ring the Nasdaq closing bell, the office walls were literally shaking with cheers and applause.

Interviews with the Criteo staff were enlightening and inspiring. They poured their hearts out with anecdotes from their first days at Criteo and with stories about what the company means to them. The day ended with champagne and cheers. For Criteo, it meant moving onto a higher plane as a company. For the Simba team, it meant another job well done.

See you next time!

~ Simba Productions


Don’t forget to visit our portfolio page where you’ll find music videos, promos and other exciting projects we’ve produced.


Happy Halloween

Posted: October 31, 2013


Hello Trick or Treaters!

Me wants to invite ya’s to the dark, the dreary, the absolutely scary Simba castle, where the feeble and the meek will find certain DOOM… Never mind our casual urban address located in Midtown Manhattan. The Simba castle, where sinister videos of all kinds are being made in our dark, desolate basement, is the least desired destination for the weak of heart.

The malevolent crew of Simba, because we love cinema so much, owe our existence to the gods of film. For that reason we would like to pay tribute to the film gods by sharing with you our list of fiendishly frightening films for your Halloween viewing pleasure this year.


Pick your Poison:


The first movie on the list is poltergeist. Chosen most likely to let you know that we understand, even in the safest and most protected homes, evil can lure you… to your television screen if you are not careful.



What is more frightening than bringing your dead pets to life through an ancient native American burial ground? How about bringing your whole family back to life! “Pet Sematary” reminds us that  perhaps the most evil thing in the world is “LOVE.”


Who can deny the “Voorhees” his victims? Not even in space can one contain the macabre that Jason can unleash. If you believe no one can hear you scream in space, you’d be wrong, DEAD wrong.


Our next movie monster needs no introduction. He is a favorite here in the Simba viewing room. Armed with nothing but a knife and a pure black heart, the Shape or as many call him, Michael Myers have been tearing through the nightmares of young trick or treaters for over three decades, much like Simba Productions.


The next film on our list is the other scary film starring our boy Jack! That movie is none other than “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Nothing is scarier or more bone chillingly cold in the world of cinema than looking into the darting eyes of NURSE RATCHED.



Last but certainly not least is one for the kiddies. This bone chilling tale of three of the most vile, detestable, and disturbingly evil witches is a great way to introduce your little trick or treaters to the world of frightening cinema. Nothing is scarier or excruciating painful than to see poor little broomsticks carry Bette Midler and her sisters.

That is it for our sinister inventory of scary films for this year.  Check back next time for more from the Simba Team. Perhaps we’ll bring you into our ominous office for more behind the scenes view of very powerful video production, if you dare.

Happy Halloween!