Turn Your iPhone into Your New DSLR

Posted: June 27, 2012

The iPhone has become the new standard for an all-inclusive cell phone that is capable of doing more than just call and text. It can do just about anything the gadgets from Star Trek could do (except maybe teleportation). And although camera phones have been around for years, the iPhone has taken it to the next level. Along with the recent upgrade to full 1080 pixel resolution, there is a new addition that can turn your little iPhone into a quasi-professional grade DSLR video camera for your very own video productions. With an iPhone SLR Mount such as the one from Photojojo, you can take your dad’s old SLR lenses and mount them onto your phone and start making movies with whatever you can find like countless other indie filmmakers.

Often, clients will bring their own footage to Simba Productions to give us an idea of what kind of video they want and we will use our expertise and resources to produce a video that will not only achieve their goals but will also entertain anyone who watches it. Now it is easier than ever for someone to film something at home and be able to incorporate it into a professionally produced video production.